Background / History

Fleet Compliance Group, Ltd. (F.C.G.) was established in 1989 to provide a resource for motor carriers to:

  • Identify the laws
  • Discover what pertains
  • Find out when and how the laws change
  • Establish a procedure to meet compliance levels

Fleet Compliance Group, Ltd. is prepared to assist with nearly any subject-matter in the trucking industry.

William J. Kaat (The Colonel), Founder

Bill, founder of Fleet Compliance Group, Ltd., devoted nearly five decades to the task of improving fleet operation safety and compliance. A nationally recognized expert in transportation management, Kaat served as Fleet Operations Manager of the worldwide furniture industry giant, Steelcase, Inc. for more than 30 years before establishing F.C.G.

An innovative transportation industry pioneer, Mr. Kaat served as a member of the Board of Governors and of the Legislative Policy Committee of the Michigan Trucking Association, as the Zone Chairman of the American Trucking Association Safety Management Council, and was a member of the National Committee for Motor Fleet Supervisor Training of Michigan State University.

In addition, Mr. Kaat was an active member of the Road Advisory Committee of the Michigan Department of Transportation and a member of the Advisory Board of the Michigan Public Safety Commission.

Even though Mr. Kaat is no longer with us, we still have over 100 years combined staff experience to continue his legacy.