Compliance Services

Fleet Compliance Group, Ltd. (F.C.G.) provides many different options to…

Regulations require specific information, documentation, and periodic updates to assure that each commercial driver, vehicle and motor carrier procedures are compliante with the D.O.T. laws.  There are several primary areas of compliance included in these services:  Driver Qualification, Equipment Maintenance, Hours of Service, Accidents, Drug/Alcohol Testing, Vehicle Inspecions and Administrative procedures/policies.  We can assist …

  • Train Your Staff on all aspects of D.O.T. regulations and procedures
  • Clarify the Regulations and how they pertain to you
  • Audit your Records/Procedures
  • Provide a resource for D.O.T. Forms and Supplies
  • Obtain State driving records
  • Maintain Driver File for you – no need to touch them again
  • Provide specific-required training for your drivers – Safety Meetings
  • Support for regulation, accident and/or operation questions
  • Represent you at a D.O.T. Audit/Review
  • Provide Safety Policies
  • Conduct a Simulated D.O.T. Audit for you
  • Check your Safety Rating – Improve Your Safety Rating

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