D.O.T. Drug Testing Programs

Through more than twenty years of both serving as a D.O.T. Drug/Alcohol Testing provider and advisor  …and going through hundreds of D.O.T. Audits/Reviews we can answer your questions.  If we don’t have the answers – your last stop for  the question is still Fleet Compliance Group, Ltd. (F.C.G.)   …we’ll find the answers for you.

If you’re looking for your first, upgraded, or new D.O.T. Drug/Alcohol Testing provider …we have worked with some of the best …and some of the worst.  In our experience at Fleet Compliance Group, Ltd., we are familiar with some of the most “comprehensive” and “all-inclusive” providers in the field of D.O.T. drug and alcohol testing.  In addition to the “Random Program”, the quarterly reports and annual statistical reports required by the D.O.T. are offered.  Also provided are the D.E.R. and Reasonable Cause Training requirements; 70,000+ collection sites available across the country; thorough drug and alcohol testing program policies; and other services can also be part of the program offered by these vendors.  F.C.G. is always happy to direct you to the providers that go “above and beyond” to assure your D.O.T. compliance levels.

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