Transportation/Safety Department

Staff Training

Hours of Service – Logbook Auditing

How to audit, manage, and discipline logbook violations.

Electronic Logging Devices

For more information on ELD systems, please visit FlexFleet.

D.O.T. Safety Compliance Training

  • Driver qualification files
  • D.O.T. physical criteria
  • Accident policies/procedures
  • Equipment maintenance requirements
  • Drug/Alcohol testing guide

Supervisor Awareness Training

Alcohol and Drug program training for designated personnel, as required by D.O.T. law (also known as reasonable cause training).

Customized Training

Any “transportation safety training” either unique to your operation or training you don’t have time to administer.

D.O.T. Road Testing

We assist you with selecting qualified people and teaching them how to administer the test, including forms and route guidelines.

Train-The-Trainer Program

We will assist you in teaching your “trainers” the new driver expectations and helping them with teaching techniques.

For more information, questions, or pricing email Karen or call 616-532-1444.