Driver Qualification / File Management

This service provides an excellent means of preparing for a D.O.T. audit (also known as a compliance review), and can guide you to a more safety-sensitive operation.

We have the answers to your compliance headaches and workload, including:

  • Training your staff, covered in detail
  • Assistance with “all” aspects of a D.O.T. audit and/or regulations
  • Document and file set-up according to D.O.T. laws and guidelines
  • Set-up of driver qualification files and forms
  • Review of all documents as they relate to D.O.T. criteria and guidelines
  • Updates and reports for document renewal
  • State driving records
  • Periodic visits with your staff to determine compliance levels
  • Continued support for regulation and/or operation questions
  • Providing our staff to represent you for a D.O.T. Audit/Review

After the initial set-up has been completed, you can sit back, relax, and forget about any file management problems.

For more information, questions or pricing email Karen or call 616-532-1444.