Driver Safety and Training

F.C.G. has several cost-effective selections to choose from, or we can customize the meeting to fit your needs (your facility, our facility, etc). These include:

  • Defensive driving courses
  • D.O.T. road tests
  • Driver safety meetings (i.e. winter driving, backing accidents, vehicle inspection, hours of service (logbook), load securement, accident prevention, etc. Or request a topic!)
  • Entry level training
  • Forklift training/licensing
  • Vehicle inspection training
  • Hazardous material training
  • Hours of Service (Logbook) training
  • Hours of Service (Logbook) re-training (for the repeat offenders)
  • Load securement training

** Ask how we can customize a meeting for you!**

For more information, questions, or pricing email Bobbi Jo or call 616-532-1444.